Yes, that’s right. EraserFarm presents the world’s first ever Ad Agency Buy One, Get One Project Offer.
And it’s super simple. Need a brand campaign and an email template? No problem. You buy the campaign and we’ll give you the email template for free. Just need two print ads? We’ll give you one free. Pay for Project 1, you get Project 2 for free as long as it’s of equal or lesser value. It’s really not rocket science.


Buy One, Get One. It's that easy.

Everything we offer which includes full brand campaigns (including a tissue session), medium specific campaigns (social, digital, print, direct mail, outdoor, guerilla, etc), website design, logo design, full identity design, collateral and special requests will be evaluated when they arise. The ideas we supply are 100% yours to use without any limitations or constraints.

You buy peas and shirts during BOGO Sales. Why not pick yourself up an amazing ad campaign?

 James Rosene, Creative Director & Partner

Production. Yep, that’s about it.

Naturally, we can’t include costs for an idea we’ve yet to think of. However, if you provide us your budget parameters, we will deliver ideas that can be executed within those. And, of course, we’d be more than happy to produce anything for you.

Um, that’s it. So basically, it’s a 4-step process:

  • Your curiosity has increased enough to be reading this.
  • Simply tell us about your project needs or schedule a call with us to go through it.
  • We develop a detailed scope of Project 1 and Project 2. Project 1 will include the costs. Project 2 is completely on us, free of charge. 
  • You put pen to paper to sign the scope. We start to put thinking to paper with great ideas.


Let's talk BOGO.Tell us about your project.