Dave SpataroPhotographer

There are 4 things Dave loves most in life. Family, photography, food and hockey. That probably explains why from the moment he bought his first Nikon FA 20 years ago, he’s enjoyed every still and video shoot he’s done for both lifestyle and food. And why he has a collection of 57 vintage cameras. Either that or he is one major league hoarder. Whatever the case, Dave has worked with fantastic clients like Publix Supermarkets, Boar’s Head, Florida’s Natural, Met-Rx, Marriott, Toyota, Hyundai and Iberostar Resorts. And yes, he loves to play ice hockey. Fortunately he still has all his teeth so he can enjoy the food he shoots. He just waits until the shoot is over.

Loves playing Ice Hockey3 Wonderful kids1 Woman he feels lucky to have90lb. Golden Retriever

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