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Yes, we’ve created this page for you and you alone because we would love to work with Solace Boats! And we know and love boats. Admittedly, not to the extent you do but we have created some work and gathered some insights into the industry you might find intriguing enough to have a conversation with us. At least that’s our hope. So, we’ve included some of our work for Intrepid Powerboats here and a bit of a deeper dive into the boating industry. Happy reading!


It turns out boating is a perfect fit for the times, according to these boat owners on social media.

These are unusual times for sure. Dreaming about that next big trip helps me fight the monotony of life in quarantine.” JWY yachts.com 5/19/2020

“Minimal contact with others thru boating; I’ll take it.” PhillyG, thehulltruth.com 3/18/2020

“I thought that boating WAS social distancing…or at least that’s what I’ve been using it for over the past 15 years. Nobody bothers us out there.” Zig10 on thehulltruth.com 3/18/2020

“Feel blessed to have a boat to give us a little change of scenery and still be able to respect social distancing.” Simbad, Baylinersownersclub.org 4/4/2020

“Pretty wild the amount of yachts and sailboats harbouring on the Sunshine Coast right now.” Reddit.com comment 4/16/2020

We noticed that interest in buying a boat and yachts is on the upswing this year:

Is there an opportunity here?

Yachting is particularly desirable as a safer escape from the cares of the world right now, and we think it’s a perfect time reach out on social media to attract new buyers and current owners looking for an upgrade.

Do you agree?

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    Let’s talk more about Dorado Boats and EraserFarm.

    Here’s some work we’ve done for boating and luxury.

    Check out the brand video we created for Intrepid here. And for more Intrepid work, drop in and view these pages on our site.

    Website Design: Click here

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    Amazing Takes Time Campaign: Click here

    It’s one thing to build an amazing product, but it’s another thing for someone to be able to tell that story and take your business to the next level from a marketing standpoint. And, that is what EraserFarm did for us. Our boats are ever-evolving, but our marketing was not until EraserFarm took us there.

    Ken Clinton, President of Intrepid Powerboats



      Let’s talk more about Solace Boats and EraserFarm.