Arby’s has the meats. And 17 sandwiches piled high with them. When they asked us to create some communications for the Oshawa Generals’ arena in Canada, we said “Yea we’d have an appetite for that!”.

We spoke to the true hockey enthusiast.

We came up with lines true to the hockey enthusiast featuring terms like “barn” that refers to what hockey players call an arena. Or “sauce” which means an airborne pass that lands perfectly flat on the ice to a teammate. And we did this while still promoting the meaty sandwiches available at a nearby Arby’s.

We used the space in Tribute Communities Centre to our benefit.

Sliding glass doors pushed the delicious Arby’s sandwiches ever so close to the players’ gaping mouths while a floor graphic directional used the face-off circle graphics as a street block.

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