The digital market is a new frontier for most marketers. Although digital advertising has grown tremendously within the last decade, many companies still don’t have a solid digital marketing strategy.

Research shows that more and more consumers are making their purchasing decisions online. Nowadays, the moment a user lands on your website or sees your ad, they are a potential customer.

It’s up to your marketing team to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that converts users into customers.

In this guide, we’ll highlight some advertising strategies that will boost your revenue.

Learn Your Platform

The best thing you can do as an advertiser is to learn your platform. Social media advertising has grown in popularity but it doesn’t work for everyone.

Old-school pay-per-click advertising works wonders for others. On the other hand, search advertising converts the most leads into customers for certain companies.

The online platform matters because you need a platform that speaks to your target consumer. Search advertising is great for companies that have a product or service that most people search for online.

For example, a maid service benefits from search advertising. Most people don’t know they need a maid service until something happens.

Once the search begins, they look for the most reputable businesses in the area. If you provide a business or service people don’t know that they need, search advertising is a great outlet.

For more conventional retailers i.e. restaurants and clothing stores, pay-per-click (PPC) is probably more effective. Search advertising is part of PPC, but all those ads on a website are also part of the PPC network.

Website ads require a bit more research because the web owner and advertisers have to make sure their audience and needs align.

Bidding for ad space on a site your demographic enjoys will really impact your conversion and click-through rates.

The product/service placement makes sense because it aligns with the site’s mission and demographic ex. sporting goods equipment on a hunting site. Users won’t view the content as spammy and it’ll pique their interest. Interest=clicks.

Social media advertising is great for new and innovative products. Startup businesses love social media because advertising is relatively inexpensive and the platform does most of the work for them.

Platforms like Facebook have users share information about themselves to curate their online experience. All you have to do is select your demographic.

Now, social media campaigns are more detailed and require more research but the idea of innovation is the same. Social media users are unique and they’re looking for unique products.

Research Your Consumer

Your team can pump out a million advertising campaigns, but without the right research, you’re wasting time and money.

It’s amazing to see the number of companies that don’t understand the true needs and wants of their customers. If your digital advertising strategies don’t connect to your audience, they won’t spend money with your company.

Use web performance metrics to track page visits, search terms, top search engines, bounce rates, an average visit duration. These are just a few metrics that help you gauge your customer’s behavior.

The unique visitor metric tracks a customer’s IP address to track their visits to the website. Another tip is to engage your customers with online surveys and polls. Have them tell you what they want to see and what they need.

Once you’ve identified your customer’s “personality” start doing some A/B testing with your web campaigns. You can change little things like font/size or redesign the entire page.

A/B testing is another metric that helps with web optimization and research. Pay special attention to the conversion and drop-off rates.

You can use this information to set reasonable goals for your advertising strategies.

SEO is a big part of digital advertising and keyword research is the centerpiece of SEO. Use your AdWords account to add PPC keywords, identify negative keywords, and optimize landing pages.

Only bid on keywords that perform well for your site. Zero in on methods that work.

Get Creative with Your Advertising Strategies

Nobody wants to see a boring advertising campaign, especially on the internet. A digital campaign will help you flex your creativity button. Get your graphic designers and UI/UX designers on board.

Create a campaign that’s not only eye-catching but also user-friendly. You will also need to optimize your images for mobile sites.

You can also use a digital campaign to revamp the company’s image. Switch up the logo or add a mascot, create some visual interest.

People have short attention spans, so your digital campaign needs to be vibrant. Adding graphics like gifs, memes, and other fun digital effects. Experimenting with different visuals will help your campaign stand out.

Google notices your creative efforts and it will also improve your search ranking.

Hire a Content Marketing Agency

Sometimes, it’s hard for you to know what your company’s advertising sector needs. Members of your marketing team may be laser-focused on areas that don’t need that much attention.

They may have a hard time understanding the changes that need to be made.

That’s where a content marketing agency steps in. They can offer a comprehensive and objective review of your company’s advertising strategies.

Content agencies also stay up-to-date with the newest digital trends and Google updates. They can bring some new and exciting suggestions to the table.

Finding the right content marketing agency will take some work. You want a firm that pays special attention to your marketing goals and industry needs.

Eraser Farm

At Eraser Farm, we pride ourselves on being digital experts that focus on the human element and the emotional aspect of marketing.

We develop concepts that speak to your consumers’ minds and hearts.

We utilize strategy and neuromarketing techniques to help us pinpoint powerful emotions that will connect with consumers. Techniques such as eye tracking that helps us recognize the methods that grab the user’s attention.

Combining biometrics and tried and true research methods is a unique approach to advertising that drives results.

Curious? That’s an emotion we love. Check out some of our work and contact us today!