It’s official: companies are now spending more on digital ads than traditional ads. If you’re running an e-commerce company, this might seem like a no-brainer. But if you’re unaware of the benefits of native advertising, you might be spending your money in the wrong places.

Native advertising allows you to get more traffic by creating ads that look similar to the content people are looking for on a given site. By designing your ads to fit the style of native content, you’ll allow potential clients to happen upon your e-commerce services in a natural way.

If you’re curious as to how you can improve your digital ad strategies, check out these 5 benefits of native advertising that can help your company grow.

1. Get More Attention

The way that digital advertising trends have grown in the last 10 years has left flashy ads with too many colors behind. While a flashing rainbow of colors can attract the eye, in the context of most internet applications, it’s usually out of place.

Users will decide to click on something that fits their style and sits within the kind of content they’re looking at.

If you go in trying to sell something desperately, you’ll turn off potential clients. You need to first be offering something of value or use to your clients. Even if there’s a little icon clearly marking your content as an ad, they will still take a look at your ad because you’ve been transparent.

Honesty is the best way to get the attention of your potential customers. It’s the one emotion that explains why we love social media and user-generated content so much.

2. Fewer Failure Points

One of the benefits of native advertising is that it’s not intended to break a user’s engagement with the app that they’re in. Rather than having ads that are out of place or interrupt a user’s flow, native advertising keeps things moving.

While a user is engaged in an app, they’ll have time to consider the offer you’re making to them and will be able to jump back into your ad at their convenience.

Both the ad publisher and brands benefit from native advertising. By carefully studying the analytics, demographics, and user base of an app, you can promote your e-commerce business to the people who need you the most. Without taking the time to study who your potential user base could be, you could be wasting energy.

Native advertising eliminates some of the most common points fo failure to help you get your point across.

3. Impressions Will Improve

Native ads could drive up to three-quarters of all ad revenue in the coming years. As advertisers use increasingly clever tactics for engagement, they are able to pique user interest without interrupting the consumption of content.

With smarter analytics tracking and newer technology, users can be targeted more accurately. As wearables and mobile devices pick up more information about users, native advertising will be integrated into the daily lives of your potential customers. They’ll start seeing the value of this data collection as they’ll no longer be inundated with ads that mean nothing to them.

One of the benefits of native advertising is that they can be combined with other data strategies to give users more than they could have imagined. It could also increase the return on investment for companies, sharing that value across the board.

4. They Aim To Be Unintrusive

The efficiency of native advertising is unmatched by almost any other advertising format. Because ads blend in with the background, they will only be aimed at those who are possibly interested while still being available to all users. They will no longer take up precious screen space that has caused ad blindness.

As more companies combat ad blindness, we will see new ways for e-commerce companies to promote their products.

Poor advertising etiquette will cause users to delete apps from their phones and never trust your company again. You’ll struggle to win them back because once a user decides to work with your company, it’s twice as hard to get them back if they get burned.

And with the increased usage of ad-blocking technology that’s available for mobile and desktop browsers, ads will have to find new ways into user space. By creating useful content that feels comfortably fit into the space of the apps they’re already using will keep them out of customer’s faces will still remaining available.

5. Better Customer Targeting

For larger e-commerce sites, it’s important to be able to run multiple campaigns at once. You might have a regular campaign that’s open to all users while you have an overstock of a certain product that’s targeted at a unique market.

One of the benefits of native advertising is the ability to run both campaigns at once. For a general use social media app, you might want to be able to run ads for every user to see. But if you get that particular user who you want to target with a special promotion, you want to be able to show them the content relevant to them.

Thankfully, with the richer amount of data available from users, you’ll be able to target exactly the customers you want. If you’re buying ad space on a fitness app, you can sell fitness gear to anyone. If someone is clicking around for smoothie recipes, you could aim your ads for blenders right at them.

The Benefits of Native Advertising Are Endless

Native advertising will grow and change as devices and their requisite user interactions change. You’ll be able to keep yourself out of the way of users while giving users who are actually looking for your products the value of being in touch. The future of native advertising has much to reveal and as our understanding of data manipulation changes, there’s sure to be more to come.

If you’re ready to start using native advertising for your business, contact us to get started today.