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Marketing strategy is in our blood. We designed our method with the stakeholder group in mind so expect shots of courage and new ways of thinking and working. We go above and beyond to help understand consumer motivations, decision-making, emerging trends and business capabilities to align brand actions to opportunity. Our researchers and strategists dig deep for key insights to drive the success of your business.

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Marketing strategy are the bones that the idea is built from.

What We Do

We help brands and agencies to:

Connect to dots, rather than tick the boxes. Articulate what they stand for, but also, what they stand against. Challenge convention and defy expectations. Make strong connections through real emotional messaging and provoke meaningful cultural shifts. We spent our careers at some of the top research, strategy and advertising agencies and discovered that the world was ready for a new approach. So when it came to marketing strategy, the first thing we did was avoid big holding company overheads, red tape, and bloated salaries so we could pass that value on to our clients.

How We Do It

Every project starts with gathering existing research or executing new plans to garner that key human truth to build powerful, emotional campaigns and ideas. Without marketing strategy, it;s just a random stabs in the dark. We provide research & insights, vision & purpose, tagline/big Idea thinking, brand positioning, brand architecture and stories that are distilled into a powerful, single human truth. And we execute in new and unexpected ways to connect that idea to consumers ultimately inspiring them to be brand advocates.

How We're Different

We are a team of researchers and strategists who care deeply about the success of your business. This means we go above and beyond to help understand consumer motivations, decision-making, emerging trends and business capabilities to align brand actions to opportunity. We work directly with founders, CEO’s and their direct teams to align business vision to cohesive brand strategy. Whether you are going through leadership changes, entering new markets, launching new products, or are simply stuck or stalled. To solve that, we launch new innovations, refresh boring or tired brands, and architect new powerful business outcomes.

Tell your brand story with impact and conviction by starting with strategy and research.

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Marketing Strategy FAQ’s

Our work drives the culture strategy for how you do things—by aligning leadership around vision and purpose, codifying values, creating plans to evolve, inspiring employees with a strategic narrative, and weaving brand-building behaviors and mindsets into your company DNA.

Our work drives the brand experience for how you’re positioned and seen. We create a competitive difference, establishing key narratives, casting creative vision, and executing the brand across the most impactful parts of the business.

At EraserFarm, we create a strategic brand framework that aligns with the business goals and creates a high degree of cohesion for the master brand. The purpose of the framework is to define your brand’s meaning and message, and communicate the brand clearly so it’s easy to understand.

Brands don’t sell themselves. Brands need champions. We help you oversee the implementation of your new brand and the idea it stands for. This ensures you have the right talent, training, and processes in place to take this idea where it deserves to go.

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