binder with notes

What the heck does EraserFarm mean anyway?

To us, an eraser isn’t a symbol of a mistake. On the contrary. It represents an ideal and philosophy to work harder. To dig deeper. To push harder until the best idea is uncovered. That means coming up with lots of ideas. Killing the bad ones. And re-doing and refining the better ones. It’s all part of a cultivation (farm, get it?) of thought that ultimately leads to the best idea. So you see, erasers aren’t a symbol of a mistake. They’re a tool we use to reach a pretty great solution.

As for the name itself, well, oddly enough a dear friend of the agency’s daughter thought up a strange, wonderfully fictitious land called Eraser Country. Yep, that’s their actual book too. The pages included a healthy set of rules to live by, population increases and decreases and a bunch more stuff. Well that got us thinking and led us to a name we feel embodies everything we do.

RULE #25: You can't harm animals.

rules can't kill endangered animals