Perhaps you own a small business, or you’ve just taken charge of your startup’s marketing channels. You probably figured out during the process that advertising your business and attracting new clients and customers takes a lot of work, especially in our digital world.

What do advertising agencies do to help with this?

Let’s break down why working with an ad agency is awesome and help you determine when it’s time to consult with professionals to boost your sales.

The Benefits of Working with an Ad Agency

If you’re already struggling to get your marketing efforts in front of your audience, you may hesitate to hire an outsider to work with you. However, consider the following points as you craft your next marketing plan. An experienced, outside eye can be just the thing that blows up your business – in a good way!

Conducting Market Research

What’s working in your current ads, and what’s turning your audience off to your product or service? Do you know who your target audience is? Ad agencies will conduct market research to keep abreast of any changes in trends.

Providing Creative Services To Produce Campaigns

If you’re an entrepreneur, you may struggle with burnout as you juggle the many hats of business ownership. Creating eye-catching marketing campaigns is a complex task, and professional advertisers can help you think of details you might miss. They’re good at what they do, so you don’t have to do their job, too.

Planning and Budgeting

What do ad agencies do when you don’t have hundreds of thousands to spend on an advertising budget? An agency can aid you in creating an overarching theme for your campaign and find the perfect graphic designers, copywriters, and data analysts to ensure that your money is well-spent.

Selecting Media

Part of constructing your ad campaigns involves deciding how you can best reach your audience. You’ll work with your ad agency to select the correct type of media for the job. An ad agency has many duties when it comes to choosing media:

  • Considering a wide range of media types that will best suit your campaign’s purpose
  • Reserving space for a print ad, social media video, or commercial
  • Negotiating reasonable costs as seasoned professionals who understand the market and what the rate is for the services you need

Coordinating Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Some of your potential clients are active users of social media, while a print ad may attract other members of your audience.

What do advertising agencies do to bridge the gap? They create strategies that include more than one mode of communication so you can best reach all members of your target audience.

Keep in mind that it often takes more than once for a customer to buy into your products or services – seeing your brand across multiple channels keeps you top of mind, reinforces trust, and builds familiarity.

Integrating Marketing Efforts

Ad agencies have the reach and the capabilities to work with different types and levels of marketing. They will work with you to review what’s worked so far and integrate the various channels (perhaps social media platforms, direct email marketing, TV commercials, and print ads) into the same campaign.

Common Services Offered by Ad Agencies

So what can an advertising agency do for your company? The answer: a lot!

Consider the following services that business owners most commonly seek out.

Marketing Campaign Strategy and Research

To author a successful campaign, it’s crucial to know your competition and develop a similar – and better – strategy. Your ad agency will point out what’s working and what’s not about your competitor’s strategies as well as what your demographic is looking for.

One-Stop-Shop Campaign Creation and Management

Because ad agencies focus on attracting talent who specialize in specific areas, you have many experts at your disposal, all in one place. Take a look at how an agency might fill holes in your campaign by creating, managing, and tracking progress in the following areas:

  • Digital and social media
  • Print
  • Direct mail
  • Video
  • Web, TV, and radio

Campaign Content Development

Content marketing is one of the cornerstones of a great campaign. You can think of content as articles, infographics, social media blurbs, and charts (and much more) throughout your campaign serving one purpose: to persuade your target audience to take action.

An agency will not only craft a content strategy — they’ll find writers, designers, and social media specialists to add their expertise to your campaign. Plus, they’ll optimize your content so that it actually reaches your audience.

Graphic Design

When was the last time you clicked on an ad that wasn’t visually compelling? Ad agencies find designers whose work adds artistry and simplicity to your company’s most essential graphics.

Advantages of Working With an Advertising Agency

Consider the following reasons for outsourcing your ad campaign and making your life easier.

Save Time and Money

Inventing an ad campaign out of nothing can be pretty stressful — especially if your business’s success depends on whether your latest effort works. Think about these points as you make your decision:

  • Agencies have an entire team of experts in their fields dedicated to the support and growth of your business.
  • Hiring an agency is less expensive than hiring internally for a full-time advertising position. Additionally, a new hire may still not have all the required skills for executing a full campaign.
  • Professionals at ad agencies are constantly learning and growing. They have access to the most recent marketing software, research, trends, and data reports. And – they’re interested in what’s hot in the market, too!

Enjoy a Defined Project and an Efficient Process

When you work with an advertising agency, you won’t have to worry about managing an internal team. The overall process and the entire campaign package are overseen by competent professionals who make it their business to help other businesses grow. This can be a weight off your shoulders.

Develop a Compelling Brand

Branding is a crucial part of your business identity, but it’s often overlooked in the search for new customers and clients. An advertising agency can help you write your unique story that will ultimately compel potential customers to purchase your product or service.

Improve Your Brand Image

If you already have a brand, but it needs a makeover, an ad agency can help with this, too. Your agency will be able to alert you on how to tweak your image, as well as how your current brand image may be working against you.

Expand Your Company’s Reach

When you hire an ad agency, you’ll gain access to new ideas and develop multichannel marketing campaigns with channels you may have never considered. The more seasoned experts work with you to achieve your goal, the smoother the entire process will go.

Access Professional Expertise

Professional advertisers bring years of combined experience to your strategic arsenal. You’ll work with those who specialize in campaign development and execution, competitive research, and ROI evaluation.

Let EraserFarm Help Your Company Grow

Let’s chat today about your marketing strategy, and we’ll show you just how a full-service advertising agency can help you succeed. EraserFarm is a boutique ad agency that specializes in compelling content strategy, marketing campaigns, and digital trends that make your audience sit up and take notice.

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