1. Millennials have ADD With Twitter, Facebook feeds, and being able to text instantaneously, it’s not a surprise that younger audiences want information even faster than it already is. You’ll have an easier and better time engaging millennials with video content as opposed to making them read long blogs and articles about your product. (why turtles?) I like turtles.

2. Faster engagement Being able to say a lot more in such a shorter amount of time allows your audience to be able to respond to Call To Actions and know where to go for more information faster. You won’t be able to sell anything unless your audience is engaged and, let’s face it, even interested themselves.

3. It’s easily shareable. A clever headline for a video will grab the attention of a viewer, much like a billboard does for people in their car. After that, it’s up to the video to keep the consumer engaged. If it’s relevant and interesting, the viewers will advertise for you.

4. A picture is worth 1,000 words. Videos may be in the millions. We’ve all heard that old saying, a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, if that was true, then a video gets more bang for your buck.

5. Pretty much everybody has a smartphone or tablet. Let’s be honest, when you go to a concert you barely see lighters in the air any more when the artist is doing their thing. What you do see is an entire stadium full of backlights from their phones as they’re recording. The net for engaging people on their phones is growing more and more every year. These devices can easily play your video content and they can look at it by themselves or even with a group of friends, all at the same pace.

6. It’s just cool. Simply put, we are an extremely visual society and video is just a much cooler, engaging way to relay a message to your audience.

– Will Rossiter, Founder of Slice