A fresh approach to old thinking.

EraserFarm isn’t an industry-specific agency. We’re not an agency that specializes in banks. Or one that does nothing but healthcare. Nope. We’re an agency that tells brand stories. Darn good ones too, if we do say so ourselves. And no matter the industry, having an agency partner that can put a fresh set of eyes on your brand and come at your business in new and unexpected ways is quite a powerful notion.

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Emotional ideas move customers. And the needle too.



Who wants a personal injury law firm infiltrating their social feeds? No one, that’s who. But we found a way to add value and utility that grew their social following from 400 to over 14,000.



Butcher’s Mark

This was an entirely new concept we helped create from the ground up. Using only organic posts for this modern day version of a butcher shop, followers on Facebook quickly reached 5,000 and continues to grow. Sales increased by 65% in just one year.



Valley Bank

After launching the You Made Possible campaign, Valley experienced significant and substantial increases in brand awareness and brand affinity, doubling these numbers prior to the campaign launch.


We’re a small, nimble, strategic, research, content churning, creative ad agency kind of thingamajig.

Listen, we know you get bombarded by prospectors like a western gold mine during the gold rush. But we aim to make your jaunt over to our page worth it. After many years at big, national agencies, we decided to build a highly strategic, creative agency that delivered powerful brand stories six ways to Sunday. The kind of ideas that evoke emotion based on a single human truth to powerfully connect with your customers. If you love the creative process and enjoy being a part of it…if you want to have a vested interest in the ideas and have the courage to step away from the same old stuff that feels like “advertising”, well friend, we’re your agency.

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4 ways we can help your brand?


Before we ever put pen to paper, we dive into research and brand strategy. Everything from qualitative and quantitative research and stakeholder interviews to social listening. Because when we stoke these essential fires of creativity, you wind up providing the right content to the right people at the right time.


We think and think. We experiment like mad scientists until we uncover a monster of an idea. We need to try new things. To be courageous and push the fear of failing aside. To create work that sometimes might make us all uncomfortable. The distracted consumer needs thumb-stopping content that forges a path directly into their heart.


Start with a real human truth and you’re well on your way to connecting with people on an emotional level. Believe it or not, 98% of consumer’s purchase decisions are driven by emotions. This is the kind of emotional work that always answers three questions: Is it relevant? Is it disruptive? And is it shareable?


The way we see it, big ideas come from big thinking and have nothing to do with the size of the agency. And everything we create is media agnostic. We don’t concept in silos. And whatever we do, count on one thing. It will NOT sound like advertising. Because if you talked to people the way advertising talks to people, they’d punch you in the face.

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