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KFB Law - Direct Mail

Whether it’s a full brand campaign or executing a single direct mail piece, we strive to make it compelling and use the medium to our advantage. 

We used the standard #10 envelope address window to double as a windshield of a car that was in an accident.

This Direct Mail piece used a tear along to reveal a message about how KFB Law can help it feel like an accident never happened.

As part of a messaging platform for “We make your problem our problem”, this piece changed an actual client letter to read “we” instead of “I”.

“EraserFarm always demonstrates a clear understanding of our message and delivers it in ways that I’m consistently impressed with.“

— Marcus Fernandez, Partner KFB Law

As part of our “Get Back to life’s little worries” campaign, we created a fold-out blueprint of a home filled with things to do if rain brings a little stress to your plans for the day.

Here we used the notion of how an accident can transport you to a very unpleasant emotional state. And how KFB Law can bring you back to your normal life.