There was a time long ago when social media was strictly used for catching up on the latest gossip, sharing memes, and finding new friendships. Since its humble beginnings, social media has risen to universal heights and is now an essential part of every savvy business plan. Advertising on social media is an essential tool in every business’ arsenal, but it requires a fair bit of sharpening as well. Even though social media is becoming an integral part of running a business, it is all too common to see them fail to use it time and time again.

So how do you avoid the fate of the internet collectively canceling your business? Well, here are a few do’s and don’ts to help your next social campaign get off to a great start.

The Do’s of Advertising on Social Media

First, we’ll discuss the best and most efficient practices in social media marketing. These are the tips that you should follow closely for a successful foray into social media.

Post Regularly

This first tip may seem painfully obvious, but when you’re running a business you may have a lot on your plate. It’s important to make sure that your social media presence has no lag in content. The attention span of the average person has declined to an all-time low of only 8 seconds. With such a short attention span, it’s essential not to lose the spotlight. Posting between 3 and 5 times a week is a good starting point.

Keep Those Captions Varied

The only thing worse than not posting for your business is posting the exact same thing over and over. Switching up the length of your posts looks more organic and is much less annoying for your followers or customers. Researching the specific social platforms you are utilizing is also a great practice in this regard. Some platforms require captions that are short and sweet while others may receive more long-winded posts better.

Interact With Your Followers

What is the point of social media if you aren’t being social? Being connected with your social media followers will show potential customers that you truly care about your business’s reputation. This means answering messages quickly and respectfully, interacting in the comments, and being active on your followers’ posts as well. Remember that promoting your business doesn’t end with hitting the send button on a post.

Write the Posts Yourself (Or Hire Someone That Can)

Social media users will sniff out lies and insincerity from a mile away. It’s important to make sure that your posts are genuine. Most of the time this means having your hand in the social media advertising because you will know how to best connect with your followers or customers. In the event that you don’t know how to do this effectively, make sure you hire an ad agency that can work with you closely and ensure success.

The Don’ts of Advertising on Social Media

Understanding how to advertise on social media can help keep your business in a positive light and will prevent its name from being dragged through virtual mud. Here are the biggest no-no’s of social media that should be avoided at all costs.

Writing Like a Robot

Don’t write like a robot. That writing is boring. No one will read it. Do you see how annoying that was? Personality is everything and posting on social media requires a certain amount of finesse Tone can be tricky, especially if you are writing in a strictly professional manner for your business. Make sure to all social media advertising in a more conversational manner to encourage discussion.

Abusing Hashtags Is #Wack

Alright, hashtags are useful tools for most social media platforms. With that being said, no one wants to read a post with 20 or even 50 hashtags hanging off the end. Using commonly searched hashtags is a great way to boost visibility on a post, but making your own hashtag is pointless. This requires a bit of research as each industry will have different effective hashtags. However, even using a whole bunch of effective hashtags will make your posts look like spam. You will most certainly lose a lot more viewers than the hashtags will bring.

Rushing and Misspelling Can Spell Death

While social media can be a great benefit to any business, one wrong move can sometimes land you in some hot water. There are plenty of cautionary tales of businesses posting something offensive or incorrect and this can seriously impact your brand’s reputation. Being sure that you aren’t touching on a sensitive topic shows good social awareness. Spelling is also an extremely important aspect of posting on social media. Making sure to use proper grammar and spelling exudes an air of professionalism and grace that attracts followers to your content.

Using Every Social Platform Is Too Much Work

While there are many platforms to utilize, you will find that promoting your business on every one of them is a whole bunch of work. Most of the time, the nature of your business will determine which platform will be best for you. For example, an engineering firm will probably see no need for a Pinterest account. It is a million times more effective for a business to use the platforms that make the most sense. Choosing social media platforms that aren’t the right fit will most likely hurt productivity.

Grow Your Business the Right Way

For many business owners, the step into social media can cause anxiety. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of advertising on social media will help you grow your business to new heights and instill some much-needed confidence.

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