Every day, veterans return home struggling to tell their story. Struggling to readjust to the lives they are retiring to. But The Homefront Foundation encourages veterans and service members to tell their stories and helps them do just that. It’s a powerful coping method and also gives these courageous men and women a chance to come together as a community. Using real veterans instead of actors gave this piece an authentic, believable message that connected with donors and veterans alike.Without a doubt, the shoot was emotionally taxing for both the crew and the veterans. Asking them questions took them back to a moment in time that was very difficult for them to recall and articulate. The easy part was finding the veterans and service members to participate. They all were very generous with their time, and so open to express themselves in front of us like they did—especially since they didn’t know what questions we were going to ask them. They only knew it was for the Homefront Foundation.

To have this piece featured in such a prestigious publication as Communication Arts is a validation of its authenticity and we are beyond honored to be included for the work we’ve done and continue to do for such a wonderful foundation.