1. Mainstream Multiculturalism


Never has America’s under-18 population been more racially and ethnically diverse. A bare majority —52%— of children and youths are white. In 29 years (by 2043), U.S. Census projects a majority-minority population.

Drive business by embracing America’s increasing racial and ethnic diversity. Look beyond traditional multicultural marketing. Consider greater synergies between your multicultural and mass-market advertising agencies. Change your mindset and naturally include multi-cultural Americans as talent. And give them leading roles. And think about regionalization differences.


2. Me Data

As smartphone, smartwatches and other wearable technology adoption grows, man and machine will fuse together. People will lap up innovations that help improve their physical and mental well-being. Google glass is just the start. Yeah, it screams geek but it’s the catalyst for a new era where electronics are worn and where body hacking and quantified self becomes the ultimate in geek chic.

Drive business by first understanding the space. Go talk and listen to your customers. While listening, uncover ways your brand can help people be better versions of themselves. Then innovate, prototype and become and ingrained brand.


3. Greater Good

71% of people say they’re more likely to buy a brand if they feel it’s contributing to making the world a better place–Yankelovich. In this new era of social responsibility, cause marketing is now the norm. But you know people can also smell out inauthentic attempt.

Drive business by linking up with a cause that’s central to the brand’s purpose. Easily involve your consumer in the cause Make them feel like they are contributing to the greater good through their involvement with your brand. And most importantly, get the whole organization involved. This isn’t a throwing the money at a non-profit exercise. It’s a stand for something greater than the bottom line exercise.