Most business owners start their own companies because they have a passion for what they do. Hey, that’s what we did. But that doesn’t mean they are adept at performing all the duties associated with running a company. Here at EraserFarm, we’re all wearing a multitude of different hats. But that comes with the territory I guess. Which is why many business owners learn new skills to help them run their company more efficiently. And when possible, smart owners also hire employees with specific skills they don’t have. But you don’t always need a full time or even part-time employee to run certain things. Especially when it comes to marketing.

Outsourcing your marketing to a professional marketing agency often makes the most sense on a variety of levels. Before you do any marketing hiring, keep on reading to learn the top 10 benefits to hiring one.

1. Hiring a Marketing Agency is Cost Effective

The advantages and disadvantages of advertising are numerous and the costs associated with marketing is usually considered a disadvantage. However, since paying for marketing is a tax deduction and when it’s done right it brings in new business, it’s not entirely all negative. Especially when you hire a marketing agency because you don’t have to spend money on advertising or hire a headhunter to find the perfect candidate. Not only that, you save money by only paying for what you need (Who doesn’t love that?) while having access to the latest marketing technology and a whole team of professionals. If you paid for that same level of quantity and quality in-house, well, naturally, that would require you shelling out wads of cash in the hundreds of thousands range. Unsubscribe, you say? Agreed. 

2. Saves You Time

You’re busy running a company. And like I said, that means you wear a lot of hats but the good news is now you can take one of them off. While you should know something about marketing, it’s no longer your job to be an expert. There are many pros and cons of advertising. One of the cons is that it can be time-consuming to keep up with the latest trends. But one of the pros of a marketing agency is that they handle your marketing while you focus on making sure you can handle all the new business you’ll enjoy from hiring the right company. That sounds like a good deal doesn’t it?

3. Access to a Team of Marketing Experts

If you hired an employee to handle your marketing efforts, you’d only be able to take advantage of their knowledge about marketing. Most marketing experts focus on one or two areas. They can’t possibly know everything, especially since Google constantly updates their rules and regulations. But a team of pros means you have a well-rounded group of experts who together know everything and anything about marketing.

4. Fresh Ideas

Your employees are highly valued because of what they can bring to the table. But after a while, working together often means you begin to think alike as well. We’re all individuals here, not a pack of lemmings walking towards a cliff. It may prevent you and your employees from developing fresh ideas for your company. And hiring an outside team means you have a team with a fresh perspective on what makes your company awesome.

So, in other words, go find a marketing company who has worked with companies like yours before. I would put my money on it that they already know what it takes to make your company succeed.

5. Access to a Wide Variety of Marketing Techniques

Marketing experts can’t all be great at everything, as much as some of them think they are. It’s usually best to focus on a few areas to become an expert on. At a marketing agency, they can afford to hire experts who are great at social media and other experts who know SEO better than the back of their hand. And together, they all form a great team whose sole job it is to make your brand shine.

6. Helps You Avoid Hiring an Employee

Marketing hiring isn’t fun if you’re trying to do it in-house. It can get expensive and take a lengthy amount of time. You don’t have to worry that they’ll suddenly decide to quit. You don’t have to pay out benefits or pay for their health insurance. And if you do decide to part ways with your marketing agency, it’s far easier to fire them than it is firing an employee.

7. Ability to Scale Your Marketing Efforts

One of the advantages and disadvantages of advertising is knowing how to properly scale your marketing efforts so you get the right type of exposure without going over budget. When you hire in-house, part of your budget goes to pay their salary and insurance. Hiring an agency means you can focus more dollars on marketing which allows you to scale your efforts more easily. And as you grow, it’s easier to work with an agency who can work with you rather than having to pause to hire additional employees.

8. No Training Necessary

Training a new employee takes time. Then there’s making sure they fit in with your corporate cultureWhen you hire a marketing agency, they’ll help you focus on and develop your brand so they can use it for marketing purposes. That’s all the training they need. They don’t need to learn how to use your computer systems because they’re using their own. And they also use their own technology to help your brand become more competitive.

9. Access to the Latest Technology

There are many pros and cons of advertising. The expense of technology is one of them. Technology constantly changes, especially when it comes to how we market our companies. And it costs money to keep up with it both in terms of education and arming yourself with the right programs. Any marketing agency worth their salt will always be on top of the latest technology and they’re happy and eager to share that technology to help promote your company.

10. Increased Security

By 2021, it’s expected that cost of cybercrime damages will exceed $6 trillion. And it’s really difficult to keep up with hackers these days. Working with a marketing agency, they can help ensure that your website is a safe haven for your customers to shop at. You can trust they can help ensure that your site isn’t hacked and that it won’t crash at an inopportune moment. Even small businesses have to worry about cybercrime so make sure your site is protected at all times.

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