92% of people wouldn’t care if your brand disappeared tomorrow. Take that in. 92%. Only 8% of brands would be missed.

The difference is that the 8% actually do something to enrich people’s lives. They offer some kind of branded utility. These brands improve people’s quality of life.

When branded utility is done right:

  1. It increases brand likeability that increases brand preference that in turn directly influences sales.
  2. It stimulates usage.
  3. It drives affinity and advocacy.

This isn’t a new concept. It’s been done for years, AAA road guides and Michelin stars. More recently:


Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap

Dominos Pizza Tracker

So instead of just making your product incrementally different, find ways for your brand to actually do something to make a person’s life better. Make it more: easy, creative, social, interesting or informed. Talk to your customers and learn where their frustration points and then create a solution for them. Branded utility is not about nouns; it’s about verbs. Do something. Join the 8% or die.