Have you seen the movie Paddington? Go. You’ll be taken on a most excellent emotional roller coaster that will leave you satisfied and fulfilled.

Advertising campaigns should deliver the same experience. Advertising should take you on a wild (yet strategically planned) emotional ride. Just like a roller coaster. You wouldn’t be strapped up to a bucket on wheels going 0 to 75 in under 5 seconds if it were built on pure gut. Take the necessary time to strategically plan your advertising campaign just like a design team carefully plans thrilling rides that safely twist, turn and plunge 22-stories at just the right points.


Now going back to the power of emotion. Did you know that people who aren’t able to feel emotions aren’t able to make decisions? It’s a fact that decisions are emotional, not logical. And for this reason, effective advertising doesn’t appeal to reason. It appeals to emotion. So when you’re developing your next advertising campaign consider the emotions found along the consumer journey. Plot the emotions along the consumer journey continuum, then tailor campaign messaging to play to each of these emotional pivot points. Be a bit more like that movie about the marmalade-loving bear and take your consumers from a state of wonder to a state of love leaving them satisfied, fulfilled and hungry to tell others about their amazing experience.

Paddington illustration by Timothy Nicholson. Tweet him at @IllustrateShire.

Roller coaster napkin drawing by Margaret Mariani. Planner not artist extraordinaire. Tweet her at @mmariani.