Looking for different ways to boost your brand identity? Maybe you’re just starting up a new business. Perhaps you’re going through a rebrand. Whatever the case might be, it’s important to establish a brand that your customers can relate with. The more personable and transparent your brand, the more customer loyalty you’ll build. If this is your first time building a brand, then you have nothing to fear. There are several concrete steps you can take towards building a brand identity for your business.

See below for several techniques you can use while building a brand and establishing yourself in your industry.

Find Your “Why”

Behind every profitable and successful brand is an underlying purpose behind it. Think of a successful company, and you’ll be able to identify its mission. The clothing brand Patagonia has the purpose of building high-quality products without harming the environment they love. Target’s purpose is to provide the best products at a reasonable price, hence their motto of “expect more, pay less”.

In order to start building your brand, you need to find the “why” behind your company’s existence. You need something that will resonate with your target audience. Something that will dictate every move and business decision that you make. The purpose that you define will help your entire company clarify its objective. More importantly, this will help you figure out how to build a brand identity around your “why”. For example, if your purpose is to offer more help to the consumer, doing things like placing live chat on your site and offering discounts on products will back it up.

Hire a Marketing Agency

Odds are, you didn’t start a company with the intention of focusing on establishing its brand and building a successful marketing campaign. You created it to drive revenue and grow your business while helping customers in your industry. However, without a successful brand strategy and marketing plan, your products and services will never be enough. If marketing isn’t your forte, then you can turn that weakness into a strength for your company by hiring a professional marketing agency. They’ll be able to help you with things such as search engine optimization, video production, and designing art on your website in order to double-down on your brand. Even if you’re having trouble establishing what your brand identity should be, the marketing agency you hire can help. They’ll walk you through each step of the process to identify and build a brand that you’ll be proud of.

Consider Your Target Audience

At the end of the day, the brand identity that you choose must resonate with one person in particular: your target client. If it doesn’t, then all your time and effort into building a brand will be for not. For that reason, it’s always helpful to create buyer personas for your company’s products and services. These are made-up “clients” that you use to study your customers and how your brand will appeal to them. For example, say you’re a nutritionist. You might create a buyer persona named Jim. Jim is anywhere between the ages of 30 to 50 and is looking to get back in shape. He wants to lose weight but doesn’t have the time in the day to focus on working out and eating right. He has three kids and works a job that requires 40 to 50 hours out of him each week. From that buyer persona, you can assume that “Jim” is looking to work with a brand that offers him a fully-customized diet plan that will work with his schedule. Since he doesn’t have the time to focus on it, he needs a nutritionist who will keep him accountable. Building buyer personas can help you directly understand why your brand intrigues certain customers more than others.

Use Color Psychology

Whether you knew it or not, there are subliminal ways that companies integrate the tone of their brand into your head. It’s called color psychology, and it can be a tremendous way to help build your brand identity.

Color psychology is the thought that different colors exude unique emotions and behaviors into the people that lay eyes on them. Each color has emotions and tones that are specific to them. Knowing what these tones are can help you as you design your logo, website, sales collateral, company signs, and much more. If you’ve already designed the colors of your logo, then be sure to use the tones of those colors to strengthen your brand. Odds are, you subliminally chose those colors for a reason!

Build a Mission Statement

Every championship sports team has a battle cry. Every superhero has a famous catchphrase. Your company needs a mission statement to use as you try to live out your brand each and every day. Now that you know what your “why” is, you can build a mission statement that reinforces it. This mission statement can be used on your website, to appeal to your clientele, inspire your employees and so much more!

Building a Brand: Find What Makes You Different

The most important thing in building a brand is finding something that will separate your company from the rest of the pack. Be sure to read this article on 5 incredible examples of brand strategies that you can draw inspiration from as you build your brand.

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