Successful marketing requires a full-time effort, but recent stats show that most small businesses dedicate up to two hours a week to promoting themselves. However, most consumers rely on marketing to guide their buying decisions. What does a creative agency do to execute your business’ bright marketing ideas into a brilliant reality? 

What Does a Creative Agency Do for Brands?

Modern marketing involves many facets of promotion, and agencies may have particular specialties and skills. For this reason, a marketing company may prefer to label itself as a design, digital, or ad agency.

A company that wants to endure must think beyond a few successful campaigns that lead to a small boost in sales. The key to long-term success is crafting content and communications that distinguish your brand and draw in the target market.

Creative agencies strategize and develop a well-rounded plan of attack to help companies do more than win short-term sales. Creative agencies aim to achieve genuine influence and build brand loyalty. A creative agency can create a tailored, multi-pronged initiative that allows small and midsized businesses to reach their marketing and business goals.

Who Do Creative Agencies Assist?

A competent, creative agency can work with various types of companies. They may work with a restaurant that wants to spread the word about a new deal or a nonprofit that may want to raise awareness for the plight of an endangered species. 

Here are a few other industries that find value in working with a creative agency:

  • Medical offices
  • Sports complexes
  • Hair salons
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Real estate agents
  • Law offices
  • Entertainment and video production houses

Pretty much anyone who wants to connect with an audience can find value in working with a creative agency.

How Does a Creative Agency Differ From Other Marketing Agencies?

Agencies will typically go by different names to highlight their expertise.

Digital Agency

Digital agencies focus on website design, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, social media management, email campaigns, and more. They can also help with analytics to measure the success of their strategies.

Advertising Agency

You guessed it – the focus of an ad agency is more on advertising. They look at where to place ads and what ads work best for your business. Not all advertising agencies offer comprehensive marketing services.

Design Agency

A design agency will focus on the visual appeal of products for a business.

Social Media Agency

Social media agencies specialize in creating messaging for social platforms. Accomplishing successful messaging requires a range of talents because a company must create pithy written content, scroll-stopping images, and excellent videos.

SEO Agency

An SEO agency helps your website rank highly in online searches. They typically focus their time on keywords and high-quality content that works with the algorithm.

Public Relations Agency 

A PR firm spreads the word about an organization with public messages that are not direct pitches or offers. They often distribute positive messages in media outlets.

Creative Agency

Creative agencies provide a mix of the preceding services, which provides a one-stop shop for marketing and promotion.

What Is a Day in the Life of a Creative Like?

The one thing that remains consistent for a member of a creative agency team is that no day is the same. Here are some of the roles you will find in an agency and what their day may look like.

Art Director

Art directors craft the overall aesthetic for projects. From inception to completion, they guide the project through production and edits to final execution. An art director must have a keen eye and technical acumen to bring a client’s vision to life.

A typical day for an art director may involve receiving direction from the creative and managing directors for new concepts and feedback on running projects. The art director will transmit these ideas to an in-house team or work with expert contractors to complete the work. The art director approves the designs and brings drafts to the creative director for review before finalizing.

Director of Search Engine Optimization

An SEO director boosts your website visibility and online presence. This expert reviews site performance and determines how you can optimize your page with relevant keywords and phrases.

SEO directors might start the day reviewing changes in traffic, checking conversion rates, and digging into other metrics. They will then coordinate with their team for tactics to optimize campaigns.

Substantial time goes toward studying the latest industry developments, changes in search engine algorithms, and competitor strategies. When they discover technical SEO issues, they work on rapid fixes.

Account Executive

Account executives focus on building and supporting client relationships. If you’re a new client, your first point of contact is often the account executive, who helps you find solutions to your marketing struggles.

The AE may spend the first part of the day finding clients who can benefit from creative agency services. Throughout the day, the AE may also communicate with existing clients to tailor service packages that meet their needs.

Video Producer

A video producer’s job involves more than holding up a camera and calling, “Action!” The video producer works in a studio or on location to create the perfect setting. The producer may have to coordinate with multiple individuals to coordinate filming sessions.

After a video is shot, it may require hours for color correction, retouching, and other edits. The video producer also inserts motion graphics and 3D elements to give videos that high-class professional presentation consumers expect.

Managing and Creative Directors

Directors are the team’s leaders. These professionals may have started the agency as a solo or small operation and understand the basics of each assignment and the requirements for a successful campaign.

Managing and creative directors often cut their teeth at larger firms. From their experience, they understand everything that goes into making multimillion-dollar campaigns and can bring that expertise to small and mid-sized businesses.

These directors hire expert specialists to provide enhanced service to clients. Their day might start with a quick team meeting to set objectives and help everyone stay on track. They will review the progress of projects and keep campaigns on schedule. As emergencies arise, these team leaders step in to put the fires out and resolve challenges.

How Does a Creative Agency Help Brands Grow Stronger?

A creative agency aims to make its clients more popular and attractive to their ideal audience. You can expect a creative agency to help you with the following:

  • Bring a fresh viewpoint and marketing expertise
  • Produce high-quality content worthy of a multinational corporation
  • Uncover the best marketing strategies
  • Execute marketing plans quickly for faster return on investment

creative agency helps your company have the presence in the marketplace you desire.

Are You Ready To Discover How a Creative Agency Can Help Your Brand?

Creative agencies help you maximize your marketing budget and efforts by dedicating hours to creating and refining great campaigns. The ROI for a business that wants to take things to the next level is limitless.
What does a creative agency do for your business? If you’re ready to find out for yourself, let’s talk. EraserFarm is all ears whether you’re ready to work on a project now or just want to discuss your plans.