Not sure if you should consider video content to market your business? Well consider this for starters: Over 1.8 billion people tune in to YouTube nowadays.

It is undeniable that video content is easier to take in and digest compared to other methods. Don’t stick to the past. Consider using video marketing for business today!

Still not buying into it? Uncertain if the costs and effort are worth it?

To help you decide, here are six reasons how video marketing is an effective tool for building your brand:

1. Google Likes Video Content

One of the benefits of video marketing how it relates to search engines like Google. Google is all about enhancing the user experience and nothing is as intuitive as video content.

Google’s algorithms are more likely to pull up your website due to embedded video content. This configuration makes it easier for you to show up on the number 1 result page.

Also, keep in mind that Google acquired YouTube a few years back. Putting promotional videos on YouTube and linking viewers back to your site will not only increase brand awareness but boost SEO efforts as well.

This does mean you have to remember to have your videos optimized for SEO. Make use of interesting titles and descriptions. Include a link back to your website as well and plan out your keywords accordingly.

2. Videos See More Traffic

Here is another good reason why you should use video marketing. Customers love watching videos.

Videos are capable of engaging both the auditory and visual senses. This helps people remember the content of the video. It’s widely believed that people recall information from videos better than they can from written text.

Retention isn’t the only factor here. Videos are shorter to digest compared to reading a long block of text. This may explain why more people watch videos than reading blog posts.

In fact, in 2015, about 55% of all mobile traffic accounted for was due to video content.

Another good reason why videos are likely to see more traffic is that viewers tend to share what they see. Take a quick look at your Facebook timeline and notice how many people share videos on a regular basis.

It’s a trend that continues to grow. With customers staying a bit longer on your website when watching video content, you are bound to see an increase in traffic.

3. Videos Increase Conversion Rate

Businesses also tend to see a good return on investment as soon as they start using video content on their websites. That is how effective video marketing is when utilized properly.

The reason why businesses see video marketing as a high ROI tool is due to how it boosts lead to sale conversions.

Most users who watch a video about a product ended up buying it soon after. It proves that vision is our most dominant sense. People want to see a product in action before they spend money on it.

Don’t know how to integrate videos on your website? We have a guide for you right here.

4. Videos Build Trust

One good reason why videos are useful for your website is that you can use them to build your brand. In this case, it’s all about building trust through effective video marketing.

Now you can put a face and personality behind your brand. This creates a personal connection with your audience. You can captivate and influence your target customers by appealing to their emotions, persuading them to trust your brand.

Make sure to put out product reviews or presentations too. Viewers will take note of the recommendations that you broadcast and raise.

This degree of engagement and trust would enable your brand to build customer loyalty.

5. Videos Appeal to Mobile Users

Video content would tend to work hand in hand with mobile. After all, many of the views and hits garnered from video content are from mobile users. This makes sense since two-thirds of the world population have mobile devices.

Also, mobile users are more likely to watch ads on their devices, especially if these are on YouTube. They have easy access in the palm of their hands. It’s quite a more accessible experience compared to watching videos on a desktop computer or TV.

One more reason why videos work better for the mobile crowd is that this type of content doesn’t worry about screen crunch. Blog posts struggle when their text is too small to read on a smartphone. Videos take up the whole screen, making them more enticing to engage with.

6. Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

People might not understand what you offer. This may be the first time they come across your product or service. Instead of showing them graphs or a long blog post, why not educate them with a video?

It’s easier to relay information in video form. It provides both an auditory and visual experience. The increased rate in receiving information makes this the perfect teaching medium.

This way, you can help customers grasp what you put on the table. Whether this is in understanding complicated concepts or learning about the business and the products and services you offer.

Animation clips and infographics embedded into the short video also increase the ease of explaining things. This should help in making the video content interesting. It’s better than having a video focusing solely on a person talking.

You should also consider the use of effective pre-production methods to help you with making your video stand out. This includes proper scriptwriting or using a teleprompter if you intend to have a host in front of the camera.

Fulfill Your Video Marketing for Business Needs Today!

Video marketing for businesses makes it easier to attract more customers and build up your brand. With the popularity of video content on the rise, it is time to take advantage of the trend to reach more people, engage and start a conversation.

When it comes to your needs with video marketing, we offer a variety of services that you can choose from. Contact us to learn more and we’ll help you get started.