Did you know that 97 percent of marketers are implementing a content marketing strategy that follows a formula for success?

It is no secret that a strong content marketing strategy is beneficial to your company. But the question now lies in what makes for effective content?

Without the proper digital content marketing knowledge, it may be difficult to produce creative content, discover your targeted audience or even stand out against the sea of content on the internet.

Whether you are new to the world of digital marketing or you are looking to take your digital content marketing to the next level, this post will provide you with the best content marketing tips designed to set your business up for success.

Quality Over Quantity

Many business owners perceive digital content marketing as the more they produce, the better results they will see. While you want to produce as much content as possible, it is important to make sure that each piece of content that you publish is insightful, targeted and effective.

Basically, you want to perceive each piece of content as serving a purpose or sending a message. Then focus on relaying that purpose or message at the best of your capabilities. It is more effective to publish four excellent pieces of content a month as opposed to 20 mediocre pieces of content a month.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be the next F. Scott Fitzgerald. Don’t stress yourself out about crafting the perfect blog post, tweet or video. Make sure that you are focusing on quality over quantity but in a healthy and reasonable aspect. If your audience finds your content helpful, then you have done a great job at executing your content marketing strategy.

Know What Works For Your Audience

What works for someone else’s target audience might not work for your target audience. Your content marketing strategy should be geared toward your specific audience. This includes demographic, gender, location and consumer goals. It is important to sort through your content to analyze your content marketing strategy as a whole and how to refine it for your audience.

You might be wondering how to decipher this information. Luckily, the answer is much simpler than you think: Google Analytics. Google Analytics’s job is to track and report website traffic numbers. These numbers show who your audience is, where they are from, what their interests are and much more. Once you have a solid idea of this information, you can take your analytics and guide your content marketing strategy along with it.

You can use this information to decipher what tools and platforms are working better than others and focus more on them. You can gain an understanding of what content your audience responds to the most. Then simply recreate that content in various storytelling forms.

Repurpose Your Content

There is nothing wrong with reusing content that you have already published. In fact, doing so is even encouraged because it is much easier to repurpose content as opposed to creating brand-new content.

For example, if you find that 15 of your blog posts from 2018 did well and received a lot of engagement, you can repurpose them into a downloadable e-book. E-books are great for driving traffic toward your website and email subscription incentives.

If you already have an e-book that receives a lot of attention, you can turn it into 15 publishable blog posts. This is why evergreen content is so beneficial. Because you can repurpose it to use for later use when you are strapped for time or in a creative rut.

Create A Multimedia Strategy

The more content you plan ahead and the better organized you are, the more effective your digital marketing strategy will be. It is essential to create a content marketing calendar at the beginning of each month. This will allow you to appropriately plan content for holidays, events, sales and any other important dates you want to focus on. It also allows you to fill in the other days with evergreen content, which is content that can be published throughout the entire year.

Creating a monthly content marketing plan prevents you from missing any important days. It will also allow you to stay consistent with producing content. It is important to post content often to keep your audience engaged and to constantly lead traffic toward your website. Planning your content will prevent you from slacking off or running out of ideas.

You can also use your content marketing calendar to determine what content will be posted on what platform. The more details that you incorporate into your content calendar, the more effective it will be. Thus, the easier your life will be throughout the month.

Encourage Your Whole Team To Create Content

Many businesses run into the problem of not having enough time to create content consistently. Or they don’t have enough funds to hire a creative team dedicated to producing content. Luckily, businesses don’t need either of those resources to regularly produce content.

All you need is a team that is dedicated to their job with an ability to transform their ideas into creative content. Your team members, most likely, already have a lot of ideas in their head just waiting to be published and put on your website for the world to see. That way, the role of content creating falls on the team as a whole as opposed to a single person.

You can also offer rewards for the team members who produce the best content. Incentives encourage employees to produce great content that is both effective and publishable.

Content Marketing Tips Proven Effective

When creating a digital content marketing strategy, it is imperative to consider your audience over everything else. No matter what content marketing tips you use in your strategy, if you are not doing so with your target audience in mind, you won’t get very far.

Implementing a proper digital content marketing strategy can increase the overall success of your business. Make sure to visit our blog for more expert advice on content marketing.